Software Development Services

Who we are

Unlock our capabilities of custom software development services, product development and quality assurance for businesses of all sizes and shapes. Being a leading software development company we offer full-cycle development services enabling businesses to be agile, futuristic and high-performing.

Today’s digital world demands ‘Innovation with persuasion’ in every leading industry including the IT space. Our industry expertise of many years can empower your business with custom software designing and development services. We stand by our clients from idea inception to strategy, research, quality assurance, technology consulting and post-development software support. TatvaSoft has mastered the skill of software development with rich technical expertise and proven experience in a variety of business domains.

INCLINESYS-TECH was "Born" from the desire to put together the top and best Software Developers from around the world to develop specific, one-of-a-kind, creative, propelled web apps and mobile apps for the World's Leading Brands, Corporations, Emerging Businesses, and Organizations.

We support Companies to transform their business alongside new technologies to easily track their way to success. To extend the web and mobile app creation customer base, we have a pool of qualified and creative individuals for Database Development, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, Cloud & DevOps Development, QA & Testing Services, and more.

Our goal is not to be the most Successful Company out there, but with what we do, we strive to be the best. We work to ensure that each customer is viewed as a top priority, regardless of budget and scale. Our Primary Goal is to provide solutions that add value and prosperity to your business, and we are constantly working to be a company that YOU, our valued customer, will trust and invest in.

Software Development Methodologies

Leveraging a right fit software development methodology to simplify routine tasks accelerate the process of development with a creative design-thinking approach. Explore the types of approaches TatvaSoft employs as software development methodology



One of the popular and most preferable choices for software development is Agile methodology. It is an iterative approach that is consistent with changing business needs and focuses on collaboration and transparent communication between cross-functional teams at every stage of Software development life cycle.



Combinely formed by Development and Operation- DevOps directly mentions how working cross-functionally across departments becomes easy with the DevOps team at TatvaSoft. Utilizing this, businesses can have transparency, quickness and real-time decision-making for all undergoing developments.



Waterfall is a well-structured and sequential method which is mostly preferred when needs do not keep changing and very clear from the beginning . As waterfall follows fixed steps, our team ensures to meet all scheduled objectives and goals with flexibility and ease.



Scrum Methodology is led by Scrum Master taking on all the responsibilities like task prioritization , resource availability, time management, planning, creating blueprints, meeting deadlines and many other tasks. Our Scrum team also ensures the optimal use of time and money.

Software Development Experience

With over years of experience in custom software development services, we have successfully catered more than 1800 projects across various technologies and domains

Industries We Serve

INCLINESYS has a proven track of offering robust custom software solutions to a broad range of industries such as

  • Fintech & Insurance
  • Oil & Gas, Mining
  • Education
  • Retail & eCommerce
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Media
  • Public Sector

What We Do

We provide customers with high quality, efficient, and cost-effective IT Solutions, globally. By actively developing and introducing creative technologies that generate long-term value for our clients, we deliver world-class technology services.

Web Development

We use a variety of technologies to provide our worldwide clientele with the most dependable web application development solutions. INCLINESYS-TECH is India's leading Web Application Development firm, offering cutting-edge technology solutions for next-generation web applications. Our Web Development services seek to produce apps with extensive features, outstanding usability, scalability, and universal compatibility to increase revenues. INCLINESYS-TECH excels at Web Application Development by investing the time to learn about your company's specific goals and issues. For any of your business needs, we deliver speedy and personalized Web Application Development services.

Database Development

The Database is the core of a software application. Database Development is essential for sustaining and cultivating a partnership with prospects and clients by gathering all information relating to individuals and organizations on one platform. If not handled properly, data may become very unwieldy throughout the enterprise. INCLINESYS-TECH is the solution to the need for your database. We provide services to design and maintain a range of traditional (MySQL, Oracle, SQL server) and unconventional (No SQL) databases, which store transactional and social media application-related data and are used to provide routine transactional processing and data storage. We offer both on-site and off-site online database services.

Front-end Development

Employ the expertise we have in Front-end Development technologies to strengthen your brand's identity and build a strong presence in the market. Our team has the experience of working with the most up-to-date libraries and JS frameworks to ensure dynamic and responsive Front-end Development. Whether you want us to create a single-page app, a complex web app, a cross-browser website, or cross-platform software, our major objective is to make it simple, compelling, and user-friendly on all levels. With the Progressive Web Apps development, which strikes a precise balance between native mobile applications and websites, we know how to present your business as distinct and provide you a competitive edge

Cloud & DevOps Development

The best way to grow your company faster and connect customers to service representatives is to develop and manage the company on the cloud. Your customers will grow closer to the company with the use of Cloud Consulting and DevOps. INCLINESYS-TECH offers industry best practices and the latest technologies available on the market for Cloud and DevOps Development solutions to provide customers with the most effective solutions aimed at cost savings, ROI maximization, and development simplification. We help you gain the most from high-performing cloud environments with our experts in the DevOps and Cloud world. INCLINESYS-TECH Amazon Cloud Computing Services enables companies and large organizations in software and tools, as well as in engineered infrastructure, to experience improved security and accelerated performance.

Support and Maintenance

The Support and Maintenance Model of INCLINESYS-TECH is an evolved and validated multi-tiered system that serves to give our customers the best support solutions. In a networked world, our support model provides high-availability service solutions. The organizational functions are put in an escalation hierarchy in the model on the basis of a leveled approach along with simple demarcation lines between the roles to ensure that roles and duties are established in a crystal clear manner. In order to fulfill your exact needs, we customize a specific solution for you based on the design of your IT infrastructure. Our highly trained employees offers 24*7/365 internationally interconnected service. From maintenance to proactive and quality development, our offerings help you get the best out of your current IT infrastructure.


We offer agile and smart industry services that contribute to better company efficiency and enhanced shareholder returns. We provide solutions for a vast variety of different industries from logistics to healthcare and much more. Incline systech is a company built for aspiring individuals and businesses who want to create amazing virtual products, whether it be a web or smartphone app. We also supported more than 1,000+ Individuals and more than 100+ Businesses to turn their idea into a profitable virtual product. Our Mission is to prosper with innovations and give customer solutions customized to their business needs.



We love Start-ups and it's an exciting journey. We typically speak to every single Start-up, whether it is an entity or a sponsored start-up business. We like to learn the ideas of their projects and their values. In order to optimize productivity and decision making, we usually run their ideas and goals through a well-defined concept sprint of 5 days. We also help them develop their MVP, fund them, and develop their complete goods during their financing rounds. We love Start-ups because it's such an interesting journey with some really inspiring projects that we will collaborate on and around the globe with actual challenges and needs.



Small and Medium scaled Companies are far more organized, and since their market needs are interesting, we love interacting with them. We love to develop great ideas customized to their organizational needs. In the design sprint, we continue with their business issues and build a concept in 5 days about how we expect to address the problems using a solution they'll like. We have built some of the most amazing ideas and have collaborated with enterprises of between 10 and 200 employees. We also help these businesses with their on-demand employees’ development needs and provide them with committed services free of hassle.



We are a company founded by professional developers who have experience in dealing with enterprise solutions, and we have collaborated with several businesses to address their actual business challenges with elegant solutions. We believe in providing the best approach to consumers with the ideal mix of technologies. As part of our employees’ augmentation relationship, we recruit web developers or engage a mobile app production squad, where we deliver a high-performance squad ready to deploy. As a development

.NET Development FAQs

Selecting the right custom software development services company seems like a complicated process but it is quite straightforward. To choose the right outsourcing partner for your project, you must understand their development process, past experience of successfully executing similar software projects and expertise in the technology stack. As many software development companies claims many achievements and expertise, a due diligence by customer is must.

We follow best practices for data security and ensure that all the data involved in the development process is safeguarded under Strict NDA’s and service level agreements. Apart from that, we also encrypt or corrupt data depending on the requirements in development. As a software development services company we are fully committed to security and data integrity at all levels.

Outsourcing your custom software development project brings multiple advantages depending on agility, experience and performance of the outsourcing team. Software development service firms also add cost benefits by providing on demand skilled IT professionals. You can focus on your core business processes while outsourcing experts can take care of your software development needs.

To create bespoke software, we use a wide range of technologies, frameworks, and tools available in the market. We offer System Integration Services, IT development services, Application Development, Cloud Computing and Software Modernization Services that fit the company’s needs, budget and future demands. We offer these software solutions and services using the right-fit app development technology from the list mentioned

With 21+ years of solid IT expertise in Custom Software development, we are helping organizations build tailored solutions. We are a CMMi Level 3 & Microsoft Gold certified bespoke software development firm. Some of our software development service areas include Mobile Development, Web Development, custom application programming, cloud computing, DevOps, Product design, development, and Implementation. Apart from developing software systems, we integrate them with enterprise applications like customer relationship management(CRM) and enterprise resource planning(ERP).

We are a full-service bespoke software development firm that offers services such as design, development, implementation, and application maintenance. Software support is just as vital as designing it since it keeps it alive and relevant. As a business software development company, we ensure feature upgrades, optimization, QA Testing, and preventative maintenance as part of our post-maintenance services.

When you outsource Software development as a service, the ownership becomes questionable. But we make no confusion, it is decided during the initialization while signing an NDA(non disclosure agreement) & SLA(Service level agreement). The complete ownership of the source code, intellectual property rights, and other project related rights goes to the client.According to our expert .NET programmers, if your application needs any of the following, it is worth migrating

  • Cross-platform support
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Microservices architecture and Containers

Microsoft .NET Framework is the initial implementation of .NET. It maintains working websites, services, mobile platforms, desktop apps, and more on WindoWhat is a Software development?ws. This Framework comprises a large class library known as Framework Class Library and implements language interoperability across different programming languages.

Windows Presentation Foundation also known as WPF is a UI framework to build windows desktop client applications using XAML and C#. XAML is a descriptive prWhat are the latest trends and technologies in Software Development?ogramming language for user interface design. In the windows operating system, WPF is the engine used to create and manage user interfaces, images, documents and movies.

Although .NET Framework and .NET Core share numerous common components but there is a fundamental difference between the two. .NET Core is an open source & cross platform which is extremely beneficial when the user wants cross platform capabilities, microservice architecture or Docker. However, when it comes to desktop applications or applications using NuGet packages, .NET Framework is required.

When it comes to software development, .NET Framework offers a lot more than other competing frameworks. Specifically, .NET offers

  • Ease in development
  • Reusable Code Format
  • Safety and Safeguarding of codes
  • Easily integrable, advanced controls
  • Use of latest libraries and several other essential functionalities

.NET core as a technology has offered businesses more efficient and convenient ways of coding. This makes it more real and preferable for developers. Some of the most common advantages of .NET core includes

  • It is a cross-platform and cross-architecture Framework.
  • Offers high performance and scalability.
  • Supports side by side versioning.
  • Supports serverless architecture on cloud.
  • It offers high security, docker support, and asynchronous patterns in MVC.

When it comes to serverless architecture, docker, and scalability, .NET Core is the preferred choice.